The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (MassNAELA) is a non-profit voluntary association whose members consist of a dedicated group of elder law and special needs attorneys across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. MassNAELA was incorporated in 1992, to serve the legal profession and the public with the following mission:

Educate, inspire, serve, advocate, and provide community to attorneys with practices in elder and special needs law.

Core Values:

MassNAELA has adopted to the following values to help accomplish its mission:

  • Continuous Education: Provide information and education, and support its members to thrive in rewarding practices and to innovate in times of change.
  • Leadership, Engagement, and Membership: Inspire members through leadership opportunities, positive service, and member involvement.
  • Community: Provide opportunities for elder and special needs law attorneys to collaborate, define the field, and support its members in service to their clients and the community.
  • Advocacy: MassNAELA’s public policy, advocacy, and litigation efforts focus on state regulation and legislation. MassNAELA coalesces member expertise for collaborative action making government and other entities aware of and more responsive to the needs of the clients its members serve.
  • Ethics and Integrity: Create public confidence in its members by cultivating high ethical standards, quality legal services, and communication in support of members’ clients.

Aspirational Standards:

The MassNAELA Aspirational Standards are the product of study and deliberation by the MassNAELA Board of Directors.

Elder law attorneys are, of course, bound by Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct.  MassNAELA’s Aspirational Standards build upon and supplement those rules. Attorneys who aspire to and meet these Standards will elevate their level of professionalism in the practice of Elder Law, and enhance the quality of service to their clients. As attorneys meet these Standards, the practice of Elder Law will be raised to a higher standard of professionalism.

As a condition of membership, an attorney must pledge to support the Aspirational Standards for the practice of Elder and Special Needs Law.

Click here for the Aspirational Standards of MassNAELA.