Existing Users Log In

Hello MassNAELA Membership,

Welcome to the new and improved MassNAELA website!  As you may have realized, your former username and password no longer works on the new site.  You may have received an email prompting you to log in with new credentials.  If you did not receive the email from the site, please follow the instructions below:

Please click here: https://massnaela.com/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword and type in your email address. This will prompt the site to send you an email with a link to click to reset your password. Close out of the current screen and wait for the email. The email should come within seconds and contains your new username, which is not your email address, as well as a link. Click on the link. This will open to a page where you will see a long, strange-looking password. Please erase the password that you see then and type in a password of your choosing. The password does not need to have a particular strength but the site will indicate whether it is a strong/weak password. The screen will then say that your password has been reset with a prompt to click to login. Once you see the login screen, please enter your username (which you received in the email a few moments ago) as well as the password you selected.

Once logged in, you may first see a “dashboard” page. You can bypass this page by clicking the home button next to “MassNAELA” on the top left hand corner. You should not see this page again as it is related to the password reset.

You are now fully logged in and can access the members only section which is called “Member Resources” on the top navigation bar!

One last thing—all web browsers are different. If the site does not appear perfectly in your web browser, you may need to install a newer version. The site also works on your mobile device, however there may be a few glitches that need to be worked out in the coming weeks.

Should you have any additional issues, or if you notice any errors on the site, please email MANaelaDrive@gmail.com or me at greenfield@ssbllc.com.

Otherwise, please enjoy the new site!