MassNAELA Public Policy Committee Meeting Minutes

March 22, 2017

4:00 pm



Meeting begins.


Legislative Advocacy:


           Nomita Ganguly provided a legislative update on MassNAELA bills filed in January, including the pooled trust bill allowing seniors who are disabled to continue to use pooled trusts without being subject to transfer disqualification. Advocacy for this bill has been coordinated with Guardian Community Trust (under Peter Macy) and its lobbyist who is seeking support from state legislators.

           Nomita encourages members to communicate and/or meet with local legislators regarding MassNAELA’s bills.

           Nomita asks members to encourage clients to share their stories as part of these legislative efforts. Ashley Aubuchon will keep track of client stories for this effort.



Medicaid HCBS Asset Limit:


           Susan Levin sought feedback from committee members re their clients’ experiences with HCBS.

           Susan plans to address this issue at an upcoming meeting with MassHealth leadership.


Naming the Commonwealth as Beneficiary of Annuities:

           Discussion regarding what is happening with committee members and their clients:

           Some annuities are getting through MassHealth with “to extent of benefits paid” language

           Others are being required to list only the Commonwealth of MA as the beneficiary without any qualifying language         

           Discussion of the complications that could result from MassHealth requiring the latter.


Proposals to Repeal and Replace ACA on Medicaid Rules:

According to NAELA’s summary of the current plan, there are two provisions of special concern:

                       Elimination of state’s ability to increase home equity exemption

                       No more 3-month retroactive eligibility


Medicare Jimmo Enforcement:

Subcommittee or work group including Arthur Bergeron, Pam Greenfield, Joyce Collins and Natalie Simon will look into what additional training should be provided to Medicare contractors and how MassNAELA can work with Center for Medicare Advocacy and the Mass Senior Care Organization to publicize these issues.


Dementia Friendly Massachusetts Initiative:

Arthur Bergeron is encouraging members to get involved with this initiative with the goal of Massachusetts towns being more supportive of individuals with dementia and their caretakers. If interested, contact Arthur.




Meeting adjourned.